Product Care

To keep your F.N.U.E. Jewelry sparkling like new on rare occasions when it is not being worn, place it in an air tight plastic bag. This will help to prevent the sterling silver from tarnishing. In the case you do incur a bit of tarnish, use a non-treated jewelry cleaning cloth and gently rub the piece until shiny and new. Scratches can also form if the piece(s) are not kept in a dry safe place.

Please avoid using harsh chemicals such as hair spray, sunscreen, perfume and hand lotion, which can strip away the outer surface of our materials, including items that have been vermeiled. Vermeiled items are sterling silver that have been hand dipped into a solid bath of 18K gold or rose gold, then polished to a gleam.

Do not use silver polish on any sterling silver or vermeiled jewelry, it will cause the jewelry to corrode by eating away at the metals alloy.


We at F.N.U.E Jewelry stand behind our jewelry. Please contact us at for any questions on our jewelry. We will gladly replace or repair any items, which are not caused by normal wear and tear or from abrasive chemicals. Wear and tear items will be charged based on the repair.

In the off chance that you need a piece redipped into 18KT gold or rose gold email us at for a RMA# and address. The charge to redip each item is $30.